vrijdag 3 februari 2017

A Hell of a Time

The road to the release was not paved with roses. Band members down with the tummy flu just before. Cars breaking down. Last minute instrument repairs. Rodents nibbling the wires. Still, somehow, we managed to get on that stage. It was definitely not a case of "Just do it". More like "Do it anyway".

But what a blast it was! Thanks to those who came and made it a party. Thanks to those seven people who climbed on stage with me. It was my first time ever as a singer in a rock band and I loved it. We played all twelve songs of the album A Hell of a Time. Drums, bass, guitar, keys, three singers and me. We made some noise.

And so, there it is: A Hell of a Time by Diftong & the shipwrights featuring the listless angels. The CD is for sale. On my website you can order it. Or you can go to iTunes or Spotify. And I am going to sleep for a month.

By the way, this is probably the last post in the Rocket Swing blog. Soon I hope to start a new blog on my website, where I will write about music in some general kind of way, instead of blabbering about myself all the time.

Thanks for reading this. See you some other time in some other place!
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