donderdag 16 juni 2016

Good Vibes

High time to fire up this blog. I have neglected it, but I am full of good intentions. I am not changing the name of the blog because I love that and all the memories that the name holds. And of course, I love the album The Rocket Swing, which is still for sale by the way.

This summer I will be recording a new album with some fabulous musicians. If you know my previous recordings, you know all of them but … this time we formed a supergroup. I have twelve new songs that I am very proud of and I am still writing. Fact is, that I am writing so much stuff, I am running out of notebooks. The new album, no title yet, will be a rock album. I might even ask for guitar solos that last longer than two bars. Brace yourselves!

Our plan is to record the basics in July and add some fancy stuff later this summer. The lyrics have been approved by a native speaker. The band is doing homework and sending me their ideas. I am thinking about arrangements.

Everyone tells me that cd's don't sell anymore and don't I know it. We will think of another way to get this music to you. If you have any wishes or suggestions, let me know.

By now you will be wondering: "Who is that woman and what is she doing here?" That woman, ladies and gentlemen, is Joyce Willemse. She is the poet laureate of my hometown Veenendaal. I had the honor to co-write a song with her. She wrote the words, I put them to music. You will have moist eyes by the end of the song. Just don't say I did not warn you. Click here to find a rough demo. I just sat in front of a microphone with my guitar and played it. A studio recording will be made later on.

But first the rock album. As you can guess, I am full of good vibes. If I have any news, I will keep you posted. Have a great summer. Rock!