zondag 3 april 2016


I wrote twelve new songs and it does not look like I am finished. A lot of inspirational things happened. Bad things, like a disease that won’t go away and a world that now seems to be dominated by people shouting hateful things at the top of their voice. But also good things like the discovery of some great music and an old crappy guitar saved from the trash, that reminds me of Willy Nelson’s Trigger (complete with holes and everything). I used that to write some of the songs. To give you a sneak preview, here’s part of a new song:

Are hate mail and death threats all you can come up with
When the sword of justice fails to make a clean cut
Don’t you understand that sword is all we’ve got
It’s all that keeps us from the big black nothing
Can you tell, Can you tell,
Can you tell a black crow from a white dove at a crossing
All we know for sure is next to nothing

If I can get it organized I’d like to record a new album in the summer with a band. I only have to find musicians, a place to record and a way to release this album. And all I have to spend is next to nothing J