dinsdag 7 april 2015

Radio and live shows

Picture by Betty van de Bunt

A long time ago, radio was the only way to get to hear new music. These days, there are many other ways. Internet radio, streaming services, you name it. So, don’t complain about radio, turn the thing off and use the time to find music you like. Find friends that share your tastes. Go to one of the few remaining record stores or order your music at a small expert webshop, where you will find the good stuff. And the best way is to go to a live show and buy your CD from the artist.

Two months after releasing the Rocket Swing, I have had several very good reviews, some airplay on internet radio, a ton of praise from a ton of people and bookings for live shows all the way up to February 2016. See the calendar on my site: http://diftong.nl/live.php

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