zondag 20 juli 2014

Mixed up

A Rocket Swing mix arrives in the mail. The first few listens are pure joy, of course. You hear the album as it is going to sound and that is really cool. But... you have to make sure that you listen to every tiny detail. You have listened to a track twice to hear exactly what the acoustic guitar played and if the EQ of that part is as you would like it. Then you realize that you have not paid attention to the hi-hat at all. So, you play it again. The album contains ten tracks, with assorted guitars, banjo, bass, drums, organ, piano, vocals and heaven knows what else. After many hours of listening you are so fed up with that music, you are happy to wash the dishes or mow the lawn. Then you listen to it once again, just to make sure you have got it right. And you think: ‘Wow!’

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