vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

Banjo Hey! Faster Banjo

I came across this excellent illustration of John Atkinson. It made me wonder about my own songs. What kind are there on the Rocket Swing CD? The opening track is about escaping to the country. It is an ode to a Volkswagen van, the equivalent of the famous truck in country music. Then there is a rock song about a tattoo, which is kind of alt.country. The title song is a lament. The album also has a folk song about the origin of the blues, a country waltz protest song, a finger-picking love song, a rocking murder ballad and a folky rant against the Grim Reaper. Then there is one track that is part acoustic finger-picking and part heavy rock and the album ends with a drinking song in country-rock tradition. All embedded in the Beatlelesque/West Coast sound of producer/guitarist Dale Murray. Can you still follow me? I guess you will just have to listen.

PS: Go to http://wronghands1.wordpress.com/ and look at the other work of John Atkinson

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