woensdag 2 juli 2014

Home is where the heart aches

Says the opening sentence of the last song on the Rocket Swing album. I am back home, doing homely things. Arriving in Canada, I was relieved that it was so easy to take my guitar with me on the plane. But you cannot get lucky every time. The plane was full on the way back. I paid CAD 98 and I checked in my guitar with a red label that said “priority” at a desk for special luggage. At Frankfurt airport I didn’t have to wait long. My guitar came rolling out of one of those mysterious portals. I had a sudden hunch to open the case and check the guitar. There it was: a 9 cm crack in the top and, when I had a better look, the case was wrenched. If I hadn’t bought one of the strongest cases in the world, the guitar would have been a goner. Fortunately, the crack can be repaired and you know what? I have hardly been depressed because how important is a crack in a guitar when you just had the lead role in a Canadian dream?

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