donderdag 10 juli 2014


The time has come to think about artwork for The Rocket Swing. Once, with a photographer, I discussed a picture of me on a poster. I think it looks great but he did not agree, because I wasn’t looking into the camera. And should there be a photograph of me on the cover? Some say this will increase the sales of the album. I believe that might work for some artists, but it will not work for me. Not that I cannot be photoshopped into something pretty. I just think it is a boring idea.
Of all my favorite albums, hardly any have a picture of the artist(s) on the cover, let alone that they look into the camera. What to do? We came up with an exciting compromise. Believe it or not, The Rocket Swing will have a picture of me on the cover. And I will look into the camera. But it won’t be what you think.

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