maandag 2 juni 2014


Well it all seemed like a big journey before I left home, but it actually was a piece of cake. I wasn't sure if they would let me bring my guitar on the plane, but when I asked at check-in, they phoned ahead and I could take it with me and it ended up in the seat next to me. All credits to Condor. And then I had to figure out the 10,000 buttons in my rental car, but I saved that for later and put the car in D (for "drive", oh yes an automatic), and zoomed my way to number 444, where it is all going to happen.  And after one day of rehearsals I can tell you: it is going to be magic! Accompanied by buzzing June Bugs behind the porch screen we played all songs and when I heard what that pedal steel is going to sound like on the title track I found myself on top of the world. Happy as a clam.

1 opmerking:

  1. Goed om te lezen Hans. Sowieso dat de reis goed verlopen is maar helemaal je enthousiasme over dit fantastische project. Geniet van je tijd daar, ik ben nu al nieuwsgierig naar hoe het allemaal klinkt. Enne, zijn de stroopwafels in de smaak gevallen of heb je ze onderweg stiekem allemaal al verorberd?