zondag 8 juni 2014

Title Track

The album is taking shape. Sometimes it rocks and it always moves and we have some surprises for the listener. Time to tell you about the title track, The Rocket Swing. What is a rocket swing, you'll ask? It was something my father built for his kids. He made a swing from an old motorcycle sidecar that looked like a rocket. One of my cousins (I have a lot of them) was my age and we must have taken turns flying it, when she was visiting. Those were golden times for us kids born after WW2.
Unfortunately, my cousin passed away last year. We had gone our separate ways a long time ago, but I knew she fought a long and hopeless battle against her disease. Still it was a shock to learn that she died and it made me remember the good times we had. So I wrote the song in her memory, though I should say the song wrote itself. So here's to you Tanja. I hope you found the rocket swing.

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