dinsdag 10 juni 2014

Big Bang

We just about finished recording. The Rocket Swing has it all. Voodoo sounds and blue notes. We heard a vintage Harley farting in the background. North America is a melting pot. From all over the world, people came and brought their sounds. Tiny sounds and big bangs. North America was the home of Tesla and Edison whose genius enabled someone to build an amplifier. So the guitars could be heard over those thundering rhythms. And that was when I was born. What else could I do, but to go to North America to seek that sound. Twang, howl, thunder, bang, wail, sing, squeak, strum, slide and pick. We took it to another level and here it is, to be mixed and mastered. The Rocket Swing. I sure hope you will like it. Amen.

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