woensdag 14 mei 2014

That liquid feel

I went to the guitar shop for my refretted guitar. It had been quite an operation and I had to answer questions like: “Do you want equal spacing between the strings or between the cores of the strings?” How can I, a person struggling to play a proper barre chord, answer a question like that? I never had complaints, so I asked to leave it as it was. The moment it was placed gently into my hands was the moment I dreaded, the moment of truth. It looked great. In fact it looked like before. So I started playing and that was when I realized what a fine instrument it is. It has that liquid feel like it almost plays itself and it sounds … well, it sounds great. Eddy managed to get the action, the distance between the neck and the strings, a little lower, so it even plays easier than before. Playing a barre chord on this beauty is a piece of cake, really.

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