vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Fretting about my guitar

When you are about to record you start wondering if your instrument is in good shape. I took it to the shop where I bought it. Aha, said Ed, you have really played it those last four years, it needs new frets! Today, at Piet Guitars in Arnhem, it was gently placed on the workbench. Ed chose a fierce-looking tool and started ripping out the frets, those little metal bars on the neck. Oh no, I thought, I don’t really want to watch this. I will come back next week to check the result. So, while I am writing this I am staring at an empty corner in the living room where my guitar usually stands in its case. Fortunately, I have Norman by my side. An old budged guitar full of scratches, not so sophisticated, but a good companion nonetheless. And... Norman was made in Canada!

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