zondag 5 oktober 2014

Dying of the light

Two blog posts ago, my entry Wrapping up had it's picture modelled on a famous photograph of a famous person. I asked you who that person was. Nobody came up with the right answer. It was Dylan Thomas.
There is a song on The Rocket Swing called Dying of the Light. I was struggling with the chorus for this song, when I remembered a poem I had read in my Dylan Thomas Omnibus. I looked it up and saw right away that I would never be able to find words that were as good as his. So I decided to use his lines for the chorus. Which makes Dying of the Light a tribute to the work of this great poet.
Next October 27, we will release the song and a video to go with it. Dylan Thomas would have been 100 years old in 2014 and there is a celebration planned between October 27 (his birthday in 1914) and November 9 (his dying day in 1953).


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