woensdag 30 september 2015

Who the Hell is Dow Jones

In 1992, I wrote a song that suddenly connects to the grim reality of today. To quote Brian Hansford (UNHCR Spokesperson in Washington): 'Refugees are part of humanity and we can't leave them behind'. That's it. There are refugees. They come from the worst of circumstances. As long as there is a chance of a slightly better life somewhere else, they will go somewhere else. So would you.

You can find the song on youtube.

The lyrics of "Who the Hell is Dow Jones"
Copyright Diftong 1992

Spokesmen of the government complain
They have no money in their purse
Social security costs to much
And the situation is getting worse, they say
Shiploads of refugees coming in
All asking for their share
Economic growth not fast enough
The costs are more than we can bear, they say

They show us graphs on the news
Lines going up and going down
No smiling faces at the stock exchange
They got reasons to frown, they say
They show us pictures on the news
Of people skin over bone
And then they tell us it’s too hard
To get some food to the war zone, they say

Who the hell is Dow Jones anyway
Someone I should know
Can I get him on the phone
Can he tell me where the money goes

Don’t bet your money on the wrong horse
You’d better save it for the right cause

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