woensdag 28 januari 2015

The calm before the storm

The question is, will there be a storm, or will it stay calm?
The Rocket Swing was made with a bunch of  Nova Scotians and with a guest from Toronto. And I am happy to announce that JeeWee Donkers will accompany me on various string instruments on the release party on February 1.
The Nova Scotians Christina Martin, Dale Murray and Brian Murray were busy with an album around the time we recorded mine. Christina Martin’s It’ll be alright will be released on February 24 in Canada and on March 20 in Europe. They will tour Europe in the spring and play my home town (!) on May 20.
Matt Epp from Toronto sang a guest vocal and recently released his EP Luma. He will tour Europe in the spring too and play at Live Stage Marnix in Ede on April 16.
And finally, JeeWee will release his new Live Poets Society album The Road Ahead with Peter Holen just before or just after this summer.
When you do the math, you can see why there will be a storm. Hold tight!

Christina Martin:

Matt Epp:

JeeWee Donkers:


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